Help me celebrate on Twitch, 8-11pm (ET)

Hey friends.

While today is my 35th birthday, tomorrow’s Friday Night Noise stream will be a virtual celebration of sorts.

Join me on my Twitch channel, 8-11pm ET, and say hello in the chat. (accounts are free if you don’t have on yet)

See you Friday!

PS: If you’d like to support my music, you can always subscribe to my Patreon for only $3.33/month. There, you’ll have access to exclusive content every week including a new beat just for you every Wednesday and a general update every Monday (with music and movie recommendations). I’m trying to reach 100 subscribers by the end of 2021, so consider hopping on board now if you’re interested. Thanks!

Did you know I've been streaming live every week?

Every Friday Night and Sunday Morning on Twitch

Hey friends, I hope all is well.

Just reaching out to give everyone a heads up that I now stream music from my home studio every Friday night and Sunday morning, live on my Twitch channel.

It’s a really fun and interactive experience so you should think about joining us in the chat one of these times. If you don’t have a Twitch account, you can make one for free and choose to be notified every time I go live!

Hope to see you soon -

FRIDAY NIGHT NOISE - Fridays, 8-11pm (ET)

SUNDAY SANCTUARY - Sundays, 10am-12pm (ET)


PS: If you’re missing new music and updates from me, it’s probably because I save most of it for my private Patreon community. It’s only $3.33/month to join and it really supports my work! (I share an exclusive update called the Monday Rundown on my Patreon feed every Monday PLUS a new piece of music every Wednesday)

New Music: Dissolve/Disperse

two brand new songs streaming everywhere (+ one new video)

WELCOME TO 2021, where all the horrible things about 2020 have simply… dissolved.

JK! We clearly still live in a society.

Regardless, I’m happy to share two new tracks with you; one is pretty heavy and the other is pretty experimental.

They’re listed together on all the streaming services and you can use >this link< to locate them on your preferred platform.

You can also check out the official visuals for the heavier song Dissolve below:

PS: if you’re interested in joining my private Patreon community (where this was shared 2 weeks ago), it’s only $3.33/month and you get access to at least one new piece of content weekly as well as other constantly-evolving perks. Hope to see you there!

and don’t forget, I’m now doing weekly live streams on Twitch
Every Friday, 7-10pm EST

11/11 Live Stream!

Join me on Twitch this Wednesday.

Hey everyone, I'm a dad now!

After a brief hiatus from my recently-launched Twitch channel, I’ve been slowly gearing up for a proper return on Wednesday, November 11th at 5pmEST.

If you already have a Twitch account, you can go ahead and follow me. If you don’t have one yet, it’s super easy (and free!) to make one so you’ll be about to participate in the chat. Ever since my move to Twitch, the streams have been highly interactive and we try to utilize all the different features including custom emotes and channel points (which you can rack up just for being there and chatting).

Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions.
Can't wait to hang with all of you again!

Love and Respect.
- Billy

Now Streaming Exclusively on Twitch!

My live streams have recently taken on a whole new form.

Hello friends.

After years of streaming live on Facebook (thumbs down), I recently made the permanent move over to Twitch. I wasn’t quite sure how it would be at first, but I’ve honestly been blown away by the community interaction and all the different ways I’m able to interact during streams.

I’ve also been steadily upgrading my streaming setup over the past few months and it’s gotten pretty dialed in as of late. (screenshot below)

If you’re already active on Twitch, please feel free to follow me. If you’ve never used it before, it’s really easy to create an account for free and get started. (you’ll be notified when I go live!)

In other news, I’m all set to become a first-time dad any day now! So, you may not see me for a week or two while we welcome our new addition to the family. If you’d like to support the new dad fund to help me take a few months off from the constant hustle, I welcome any support.

While we’re on the subject, I’ve been sharing the majority of new videos and music with my Patreon supporters. It’s been great to share weekly content directly with the people who really care about my work. If you’d like to join us on there, it starts at only $3.33/month and the perks keep evolving!

I sincerely hope you’re all doing well out there.

Love and Respect.
- Billy Mays III

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